Privacy Policy


World Lanka Food Aimed To Providing High Quality & Healthy Product For The People Of Japan ,In This Regard Company Consider Appropriate Handling Of The Personal Information Of Customers. We Here Declare That We Will Carry Out The Following Efforts In Order To Fulfill That Responsibility.

World Lanka Food only ask following personal information when customer made an order with us to complete their order.


2-Contact Number



  • We do not share or send any information to any 3rd Party.
  • World Lanka Food may keep your personal information on file when you continue with us as regular customer. We will provide this information copy to you only when you give request in writing & dully signed by yourself (Customer).
  • We will also delete your personal information from our record if you request us on writing & dully signed by yourself.
  • Company will inform its staff & officer to this privacy policy and educate them to keep all personal information protected.
  • Our website does not use cookies to store your personal information.
  • We guaranteed that we have 100% Halal Products.
  • We are 100% Muslim owned Business.

Contact Information:
World Lanka Food
Chiba Ken,Tomisato Shi goryo 33 Japan
Store Timing is 09:00 Am to 7:00 Pm